• It Starts With You

    Music to get you there

  • We know music gets you where you want to go. So listenin.

    Music is Power

    What if we told you that music listening (and how you do it) could improve your well-being, lifestyle, and state of mind?


    What if we told you that you would also be helping millions of other young people like you?


    With ListenIn you find out how take control of your listening journey - based on your goals, and understanding of how music affects the brain, and moods.


    The bonus is, as well as learning how to feel great, you help us to find out more about how we can support others in their listening journeys - so we create a new kind of community.


    Music power is the way of the future.

  • We have all heard of active listening. What if active music listening could change the world?

    You could make a difference by paying attention to how you listen

    Take Action Now, Just By Reflecting On Your Listening Journey:

    80% of young people say music listening is their No.1 emotional coping strategy.

    Ready to take the next step? Become a contributor to our Beta Stage development.


    Enjoy music while continuing to grow understanding of how to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression, while increasing mindfulness and joy. Or even learn how to better cope with stress when you have a lot going on.


    With the support of music related chat, find out more about how to regulate moods and thinking. You are in control of the journey. So ListenIn.

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    The writing is on the wall. We need a new approach to mental health.

    heARTspace is a collection of artful projects that emphasize mindfulness, creativity, and connection; with the ultimate goal of mental HEALTH and suicide prevention.